Digital skills


Digital skills – In order for a company to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies, it is essential that it employs people who can use them properly. This type of service therefore focuses on increasing especially the advanced digital skills of employees in the company. DIH Ostrava is aware that the basic prerequisite for the success of the digital transformation in the company is the belief in its contribution on the part of the owners and management of the company. For this reason part of education and training focuses on this target group. This category of services includes one-day workshops, specifically oriented training courses, internships, thematic conferences and other activities.


SMEdigi webinar series
A series of practical webinars focused on the digitization of corporate environments
For more information contact: Martin Jurek,, +420 731 701 784

8.2.2022 Digital Transformation of Companies – I 4.0
• The need and reason for digitization
• Principles, logic and key technologies
• Benefits of digitization for companies
• Risks of digitization

22.2.2022 Infrastructure for company digitization
• Basic elements of IT infrastructure and their use
• Optimal configuration of IT infrastructure
• Ability to make decisions and create assignments for building infrastructure in the company

8.3.2022 Data and information management
• Possibilities of data collection, processing and evaluation
• Basic requirements for data security and possibilities of their protection

22.3.2022 Digitization and automation of pre-production processes
• Management of pre-production processes (tendering, project management – APQP, change management)
• Digitization of pre-production processes (development, construction, standardization, TPV)
• Reducing administration, optimizing pre-production processes and paperless operation

12.4.2022 Digitization and automation of the production process
• Possibilities of digitization of production processes
• Creation of cyber-physical production systems
• Optimization of material flows
• Increasing productivity, flexibility and quality of production processes

26.4.2022 Digitization and automation of logistics
• Possibilities of automation of logistics processes
• Possibilities of creating cyber-physical production systems
• Material flows and increased productivity, flexibility and quality of supply chains

10.5.2022 Digital Strategy, Competence I 4.0
• The need for digitization in relation to the quiz and the company’s strategy
• Mapping the current state of the company – digital audit
• Creating your own digital strategy and how to implement it in the company
• Definition of key competencies for digitized company processes
• People training and change management strategies




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