Digital Audit: ANAJ Czech company


“We had all the systems, we just didn’t use them 100%.” This is one example of the conclusion of the digital audit. Take a look at the whole story of the ANAJ company, which, thanks to it, has found out where it can dramatically improve its processes without the need for significant investments.

The local company ANAJ, which deals with the development, production and sharpening of special tools for machining in mechanical engineering, has gone through all the digital programs that DIH Ostrava provides.

As part of the “DIGI AUDIT” programme, main processes were mapped. Based on this, 3 bottlenecks were identified, which hinder the implementation (longer delivery time, higher costs, lower profit).

The paperless workshop project was chosen as the assignment for the “DIGIUP” programme. A change project was developed and adjusted, to correspond to the real equipment, condition and readiness of the company.

The cooperation ended with the programme “CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION OF DIGITALIZATION”. During the program, the project was launched with constant supervision ensuring smooth implementation. At the end, key employees were properly trained so that the new systems and processes were fully and flawlessly used.

The company has made a significant shift in the implementation of orders, thanks to a combination of 3 factors: finding a relevant bottleneck, preparing a solution by an experienced specialist and overseeing the correct implementation and subsequent full use.


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