DigiUP Cernin dily


DigiUP is a program designed to support small and medium-sized companies in the field of digitization. As part of its implementation, a specific expert is selected for the company’s needs, who then analyzes and defines the optimal solution for the company’s development in a specific area. This program follows a digital audit in which the digital readiness of the company is checked, and if the company’s processes and background are ready, it continues with the digiUP program. The result is a specific definition of the change project, which then begins to be implemented (further the possibility to use the program of construction supervision digitization).

Cernin dily is a Czech private company engaged in the custom production of spare parts for agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery. As part of the DigiUP program, the company has moved in internal processes from individual information processing to a system that enables teamwork with a systemic and controlled flow of information. The chosen solution is an initial acquaintance with the environment of corporate IS and, in addition to specifying and setting up internal processes, it also serves to address IS as a means of disseminating the corporate agenda.

Two basic areas were addressed:

· How to map company processes and create a process scheme for basic industry activities that should be introduced into the information system (company requirements for operation, cloud application that would bring order to production and production management, overview of orders for back office, etc.)

· CRM system for basic operations (preparation of business agenda, statistics, business success, etc.)