About us


DIH Ostrava has the physical infrastructure and skills that should allow evaluating the digital needs of companies and other organizations and offering them, or even testing, selected solutions. At the same time, it offers a number of other accompanying services that can help companies decide whether and to what extent they intend to use digitization in their business. Among the unique aspects of the Ostrava hub, which are given by the DNA of its founding members, can be considered the infrastructure of the supercomputer center, industrial testbed enabling simulation of digitized production process with elements of Industry 4.0 and especially the know-how of a wide network of industry and academic experts in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, digitization of production processes, creation of digital twins.

DIH Ostrava aspires to be included in the network of European digital innovation hubs, the added value of which will be the sharing of know-how and assistance in solving specific cases of companies or public organizations. In this respect, it already cooperates with a number of other digital innovation hubs not only from the Czech Republic.


The mission of DIH Ostrava is to support the introduction and use of advanced digital innovations in companies and society. By a greater extent or new way of using digital technologies and knowledge, DIH Ostrava

  • provides knowledge and technology transfer services to clients that contribute to the improvement of their processes, products, services and thus added value for individual customers and society, and
  • creates and uses new business opportunities (e.g. through the creation of start-ups).


The project coordinator is VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, primarily the national supercomputer center IT4Innovations (IT4I). IT4Innovations is a leading research, development and innovation center in the field of high-performance computing (HPC), data analysis (HPDA) and artificial intelligence (AI), operating the most powerful supercomputer systems in the Czech Republic. https://www.it4i.cz/en

A secondary technological specialization is the area of digitized production processes with elements of Industry 4.0 and smart transport systems in the environment of an industrial testbed. This specialization is provided by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (FEI). https://www.fei.vsb.cz/en


MSIC Ostrava is a regional innovation center that has been operating since 07/2017. At the moment, MSIC Ostrava has 3 key roles - it coordinates RIS MSK and implements a number of strategic RIS MSK projects; it also provides individual services to start-ups and mature companies; and manages the Ostrava Technology Park complex. Within individual services, MSIC supported a total of 245 change projects in companies.


Cooperating entities

DIH Ostrava is gradually developing a network of cooperating entities – these are start-ups, technology companies, clusters, other domestic and foreign digital innovation hubs or another organizations.

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